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Involvement Breakdown for Portfolio:

"THE DEATH OF RASPUTIN" I Made this short over a few months, between adapting, directing, and camera work to puppetry, editing, and voice acting.


"Virginia Woolf" I Adapted/Directed/Shot(with much help from Bryan Herrera)/and Edited


 I was responsible for everything from acting to camera and writing to editing.


I was the Director of Photography and Editor for the Project.

“Late Night Snack”

I was responsible for the entirety of the production of this short.

Production Assistant(PA) on the following(Unreleased) FSU BFA Film School short films, 2019-2020:

"Albatross"- Directed by Carsen Jessel

"Jackals"- Directed by Sean Menendez

"Chinook" - Directed by Costa Karalis

"Syena and the Orkestra" - Directed by Kiara Pomeroy

"Life In The Between" - Directed by Siara-Lauren

"Move" - Directed by Aaron J. Brooks

"The Wetman" - Directed by Cameron Greco

MFA Film:

Actor/Prod. Ast. on "Depth Perception"- by Olivia Comas Wood

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